Nada Makki

HR Digital Transformation Lead, Saudi Aramco

Nada recently earned her MBA degree from Hong Kong Science and Technology University one of the top MBA School in the world and number one in Asia. Previously she earned her master and bachelor degree in computer Science from American University in Washington DC, where she was with her husband who was pursuing his degree as well.

Nada has been with Saudi Aramco for more than 20 years, were she worked in Engineering Service for 4 years before moving to Business Line planning group where she spend 3 years and then moved to Exploration Computer Center and finally settle in HR System Support Department in 2008. Nada’s believes that each individual should take advantage of all the company offered resources to learn and grow and don’t wait for others to be in charge for their learning and growth.

During her career Nada worked in many projects where she gained skills in project management but more importantly on dealing with people and how to bring the best in them.

Currently she is leading the Workforce Administration & Policy track of the HR Digital Transformation Program. A journey that is full of excitement, knowledge gaining and most importantly a true HR transformation.

In her free time, Nada read, crochet and travel. She enjoy spending time with her family.