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Future of work has been one of the hottest topics doing the rounds in the world of work. With people working alongside machines, how is the entire workplace equation evolving? World-renowned author and thought-leader, Jason Averbook joined us on Twitter to address the challenges and the ‘future workplace issues’ that no one is talking about.

Jason Averbook - Keynote Speaker | SHRM Tech EMEA

Q1. What is your definition of ‘future of workplace’?

The future of the workplace is what makes sense for an organization based on their culture, the value proposition they are trying to drive combined with the expectations of a new workforce combined with driving business value.

There cannot be one answer to this question! If you are not listening to your culture, determining what will work for you and focusing on tomorrow – you will fail. The answer is different per organization.

Let’s not keep saying the future of work is technology based. We are still people. We are humans. We need to use empathy to design what will work for them and drive value for both them and us. VALUE for all is the outcome, not rolling out modules.

Q2. As an employee/employer, what organizational changes have you seen or felt at your workplace as a result of technological evolution?

For the most part people have added new technology without changing organization. HUGE MISTAKE! We must not just focus on technology transition but digital transformation. Two types of “trans” and completely different.

In today’s world deploying #technology without changing the organization and how they work is one of the biggest mistakes we can make!

There is a huge difference between #digital and #technology – that is where we must start this discussion. Without driving org change and deploying new #technology – we are truly leaving the #workforce behind. We cannot afford to do that in an era where our workers make the choices as to where they work and are more transient than ever.

Q3. What are some organizational issues that are keeping employees/employers awake at night?

Issues such as how to get better #data about people, how to get managers to make decisions about people in an intelligent way, how to optimize the people function allowing it to be more strategic and making #hr business partners true “business” partners.

Because most jobs that people will do in 10 years don’t exist today, what keeps me awake is having data about people, pushing continuing learning and building an agile culture – #antifragile data is huge.

Realize that in most cases #hr hasn’t proven they are ready to be business partners or ready to be at the strategy table – this must change with a #mindset and #language change

Q4. Do you feel HR looks at the solutions to these challenges/issues through the lens of the end-user (in this case, the employee)

For the most part we do not focus on #design – we focus on #build immediately. One of our #webinar trends tomorrow is #design and the importance. Our audience has changed, and we have not for the most part.

We are learning slowly if we design for the workforce first – we all win. The workforce – the function and eventually the #business

The business case is not to whether focus on #design and #futureofwork – the #business case MUST be what happens if we don’t

Q5. How can HR cope with and approach these changes first so as to make it a smoother experience for the entire organization?

These changes will happen no matter what. HR must take a proactive approach vs. reactive approach. HR of the past is dead. It should not even be called HR. We are a #people and #talent industry and the sooner we put them at the center instead of our dept.

To understand the #business and make sure that whatever we do, we are focusing on what the business and us agree we should be great at vs. what we are ok at which doesn’t really move the needle!

Thank you #SHRMTechDubai – See you in #dubai next month. I hope that each of you come up and say HI if you were on this tweetchat @leapgen #futureofwork #ourtime #LetsGo

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